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Childbirth Education

My classes and prenatal meetings prepare you (and your birthing partner, if applicable) with the nuts & bolts about birth and evidence-based practices, but also support your emotional and spiritual journey as an individual or a couple. Depending on your unique needs and preferences, or that of your group, I will lead you through a combination of introspective conversations, powerful metaphors, process art, ritual, meditation and guided relaxation to help prepare for the unknowns of birth, postpartum, and caring for a newborn.

Private Childbirth Education

No matter the type of birth you are planning, private childbirth education provides the opportunity to explore your unique plans and get tailored-to-fit preparation for one of the most important days of your life. While group classes have their place, private classes can be scheduled to fit your needs, plus you won’t ever spend time listening to discussions that don’t apply to you or relearning topics you already understand.

Private classes are held online virtually or at client residences. No matter the location, classes are highly interactive, and tailored to your needs. 1-hr sessions are only available virtually.

  • prenatal doula & educator    12 hours of 1 to 3-hr sessions for pregnancy support and birth preparation  600
  • a la carte prenatal education  individual 2-hour sessions customized to your needs   150Doula

Group Childbirth Classes

Group classes can be a wonderful way to build community prenatally and to connect with other parents who are going through their own journey through pregnancy, birth and parenthood. The group format sometimes allows for richer discussions, meaningful rituals, and a group experience of empathy and understanding.

Group classes are based on the Birthing From Within model of Childbirth Mentorship, which involves honoring the whole person, developing a pain-coping mindset, and validating your self-knowledge and intuitive knowing.

  • group childbirth series   ​birthing from within style 6-week childbirth education series in a group setting      450
  • creative & intuitive birth preparation    4 hour workshop focusing on process art, mindfulness, and ritual   150
  • heroic preparation for birth + beyond  4 hour workshop focusing on storytelling, ritual, and communication   150