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Birth Story Medicine Sessions

Find the Medicine in Your Story

Every birth is a story

Our stories hold great meaning

You can transform your story and the meaning it holds for you.

On our own we can get lost in our stories.

What we often need is to explore the story deeply and in a completely different way. With the guidance of a mentor, a hidden door, shift or crack may surprisingly be revealed, and transformation of your story is possible.

Stephanie has been trained and certified as a Certified Birth Story Listener through the Birth Story School.

While what happened can’t be changed, your story about it and the effects it is having on your life definitely can.

About your Birth Story Session

Birth Story Sessions are private, confidential, and about one hour long. We will meet in person or or virtually, depending on your location and preference. Most often only one session is needed, though you may need one session or several.

Your session will require single-minded focus—to get the most out of it, please arrange childcare.

Birth Story Listening Session – $75/session

Our shared intention with
birth storytellers:
That the story you bring to your session —
and the meaning you’ve been giving it
— will change in some way,
so you carry a new meaning
into your future.

Are you ready to transform your story?

It would be my honor to hold space for your process.

Fill out the form below to book and schedule your Birth Story Medicine session.

“As water becomes the shape of its container,
we become the shape of our stories and beliefs.
Spill out the myth about who you think you are
in the spacious silence of a birth story session,
and pour in new images and words.”

~ Pam England